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Compatible with Android and SteamVR

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Affordable VR Hardware

Virtual hands as powerful as the real ones

Full finger and 6DoF hand tracking

Intuitive interaction with your virtual environment.

Affordable VR

Let's make virtual reality mainstream! We have the most affordable advanced VR solution.

Affordable Advanced VR

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What will you get?


  • Two KVR-Controllers
  • One KVR-Belt*
  • Access to exclusive video games
  • Mobile VR Headset**

Easy Setup

Haptic Feedback

Low Latency

AAA Batteries

Works with Smartphone + VR Headset

Finger & 6DoF Hand Tracking

About Us

We are a startup that believes in the future of VR as an experience closer to the way we interact in the real world. We believe advanced VR costs should be closer to real people. We believe in advanced VR for everyone.

** KUPVR works with most mobile VR headsets (sold separetely).

*The KVR-Belt must be attached to the waist level.

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