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Smartphone Gaming System

Virtual hands as powerful as the real ones

Easy Setup

Haptic Feedback

Low Latency

AAA Batteries

Full Finger & 6DoF Hand Tracking

About Us

We are a startup that believes in innovation, VR and the great potential of the indie community in video games. We want to rescue innovation in the world of consoles that has been lost in recent years. With our Smartphone Gaming System we will bring many new experiences to people in a very fun way.

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Works with smartphone

Compatible with mobile VR headsets

TV compatible 

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TV & VR gaming on your smartphone


"It seems the revolution of virtual reality with its controls different from others, apart from it does not need expensive VR glasses which makes it more affordable."

★★★★★ Luis Gabriel Bustos on Facebook

Play Different.

"La tecnologia avanzata é il suo punto forte perché non esiste nessuna marca che produce visori di realtà aumentata con il controllo delle mani per cellulari "

★★★★★ Michele Guarino on Facebook

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Kup VR kit

It includes:
- A Kup-Belt
- Two Kup-Controllers
- A Kup-Dock
- A mobile VR Headset

With the Kup VR you can enjoy all the exclusive games in TV and VR mode very affordably.

KupVR is the best complement for your smartphone, with our Kit you can play everything with your vitual hands and you can kill zombies in VR and in front of the TV!